Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Lonely Memory

There lingers a lonely feeling
A feeling of something forgotten
and yet undiscovered

There is a place in my heart
that is numb with cold
desperate for a retired warmth

There is something
so indescribable
though regrettably familiar

That feeling of complacency
suddenly is made worthless
and is happily forgot

I remember someone...
several people
and a love we shared

I remember friends
-what fools we were!-
the bond that was, ...still unsevered

I recall a life I had
and compare it 
to what I now have not

My heart mourns
that I have not these friends
that we share no laughter and tears

Something has gone missing
in my heart
and has yet to reappear

My friends, though good 
there were times 
when things were foul.

I wish for another chance
a chance with such fools as they
so I can laugh and cry and share again

We're all different now
and I know my self, my heart
so much better now...

But we've all gone our ways
and soon shall be long forgot,
though memories may stay fond

I hope this loneliness will leave
and I pray my heart will mend
for if it goes on, it will be my end

I yearn for something new,
something I've not yet had
but something old I miss so dear...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009