Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sometimes, I wake up
and I realize that
something has been omitted.
It isn't missing
But it isn't there.
It's been deleted
but never on purpose
It was an accident.
It defied destiny.
and it continues to defy
what it was meant for.

Sometimes, as I fall asleep
I remember something
and I see past its deletion.
I grow sad as I think about
what had been
what could have been
and what, now, instead
is not.

Sometimes, when I'm dreaming
I forget what disappeared.
In dreaming, I find
that I have begun to live
as though it were.
I live in dreams
and dwell in warmth
I live that life,
and breathe that happiness.

But sometimes I wake up,
and I find the bed is cold
that the room is empty,
that the locket was dreamed
that you were not inside
and I was not in anyones arms.

Sometimes I wake
and in waking,
I still dream -
and the bed is warm
as if you were there,
and as if you still are here.

Sometimes I live.
and I go through my life,
forgetting the omitted,
and living all else that I know
I'm meant to have
and knowing who I'm meant to be
But the omitted is not filled.
merely ignored.

Sometimes I imagine.
But sometimes,
I imagine nothing at all.

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009