Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost Art of Love

What can I do?
What will you say?
Could you love me?
Tell me, yea or nay.

I once heard a thing said
A man told me of a time
he loved a girl, but she
ne'er spoke, so neither did he

Tell me, be this truth?
Must I (the she) say to he,
that my hearts skips for him
to see if he won't pass me by?

What is this, dear heart?
A man should pursue a lady
Not the lady aft the man
No, he should not be silent

If the lady be not distant,
feeling not contemptuous,
a mutual love, then dear sir!
The man should step forward!

Dear men, hear me now,
tis better to have loved
and lost one morrows lady
than silently ne'er win her love

Dear ladies, what shall we do?
Have you not stole his role
quite oft enough? too much?!
Can you not let him pursue?

What is this lost art of love?
Why can we not peruse it right?
What is this unfortunate new game?
Why do so few play it right anymore?

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009