Friday, April 2, 2010

Don't Wake

Breathe, close your eyes
as you tilt your head back
listen to the rhythm of
your heart beating
your soul breathing
your spirit growing
you skin exhaling
Forget all your thoughts
and for one second
realize yourself
realize who you were;
are; who you've become
realize your potential

Hidden away from yourself
You've never realized
who you could be
were meant to be,
Why your feet
tread to the beat
the rhythm
that they do,
Take a moment
strain your ears
beyond what you can hear,
scour not your thoughts
but your spirit
press further, further
to your soul
pressed so far under

Free fall for a moment
You've always stood
so strong, so tough
Always hiding that insecrity
the vulnerability
behind those favorite eyes
the ones I love the most
Beneath that tough mouth
is a broken smile
that you've seen
or taken awhile
to recognize as broken
hurt, or
as potentially perfect

Swoon out of reality
let go and realize
your potential
of who you're meant to be
the sound of your footfalls
says so much about
who youve not dared to be
Dreamy eyed dreamer
stop waking up
come to your surreal senses
and see your soul through
the lenses you've so long
put aside, forgotten about
I woke you to your dreams
to all you're scared to see
don't be afraid of what
you've always known you
were meant to be

Fluttering flickering irises
see the world through
lights less dim
Not wrapped around
anyones finger
Wake up, wake to me
All you were vulnerable to
and all you've been scared
of being and doing, now you
have woken because of me
and I want to see you live
what your dreams have played
The want you have, is conflicted
by the fears you have
but sweet dreamer, let go and know
that the fear is unwarranted,
you were meant for the dreamworld
you've been sleeping through...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2010