Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fear

There are times
when the fear
takes us over
It drives us in the way
we live and love

It is the fear that drives
our decisions
however drastic
or unforeseen

Sometimes it is the fear
that drives us
The fear that takes our hearts
and lets us go no further

It is the fear that keeps us,
keeps our hearts in check
It is fear that will keep you 
from loving, from caring at all
It will make you 
take back your heart
and hide, back at the start

It was the fear that
drove you away from me
The fear that stole your heart
as you ran into the dark
The fear that I would leave
as you knew I had to
but that I would leave,
forget you, and your love

You couldn't bear to see me go
the thought of heartbreak
the idea of losing me to time
So instead, you took your heart,
You ran so fast, I never saw you go,

Darling, even now I can't forget
I never wanted to see you go
and I hope this, you will regret
My heart aches at your insolence
cutting me off, ignoring my upset
Replacing me with someone who
won't care; whose love you won't share

Don't be so cold
I know you still care
It's not been too long
but wait much longer
and I can promise-
if you return
I won't be there...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2010