Thursday, August 6, 2009

apology to God

We were foolish
we didn't listen
We thought
we were right
but our ears
could not hear
and our souls closed

Absorbed in what was
and forgetting
what needed to be
We heard You
but we forgot
why we should listen

We did as we were told
but did not follow through
What fools!
Why did we not listen?
Only You knew
what was, what is
Only You knew
what disaster
was readying,
about to strike

Oh! Disaster came!
it set our lives on fire
and brought ruin
Destruction tore through
Our hearts were crushed
The storm came
but we were not ready
It ripped through us
and we lost each other

Why did I not listen?
Why did I think
I could do it alone?
My heart was weary
and I could not go
I could not be
not without You
and yet, so I continued.
so we toiled on.

Broken beats resonated
A weak chirping
rather than a brilliant song
only sung for You.
I hold on
for You brought me out.
Do I wait?
Or do I go on?
Make You my heart wait?
Why? Let me be alone!
Leave me with only You.

I am not meant to
merely survive.
I am not meant to
just thrive.
I am meant to prosper
absolutely in You.
You lead me on.
Lead me into your gardens
away from storms
shielded from disaster

Take me, for I come into
Your gardens
Where You lay me to rest
and put my soul at ease
in Your embrace.
You give me warm sun
and gentle rains.
It is You and You alone.
How could I ever be
if not for You
if not with You.

Be my all.
Teach me to live
Teach me to thrive
not apart from You
Show me as You have
Remind me
I could not have survived
not without Your guard.
Show me that my life
is only for You.

If ever again
I breathe with another,
teach us both
to breathe Your life
Let our hearts
not love another
before we love You.
Let me love You,
for without Your love
I cannot love even myself.