Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day To Run Away

We wanted to run
to run so far away
but the doorway caught us
before we could ever leave

There's something not quite normal
behind the closed doors of our hearts
its a throbbing thats unnatural
and means that its been scarred

There was a time we ran away
but no matter how far we ran
we found that we had never left
We were still hand in hand

But when I woke up this morning
I found I was so alone
my bed was far too small,
and my feet hung off the end

I got up to the bathroom
and when I looked into the mirror
I stared right through it,
and never even glimpsed myself

After I left the mirror,
where you were staring back at me,
I tried to pour a glass of milk
but found only memories

Sometimes I feel a squeeze
a tender touch upon my hand
and I have to shake my head
to convince myself I'm not going mad

Today was supposed to be a day
where you and I both ran away
but when I finally woke up, I found
that you've been gone so very long

I'm waiting on an act of God
because we're both not quite normal
but if I wait on anything
I know my heart will crack

I opened up the freezer
and found it wasn't cold
I thought it was a heater
until I found a frozen drink

When I saw that alcohol
I nearly burst in tears
I recall the night you took me out
and brought to life my fears

Today was meant to be the day
Where I decide to run away
But no matter how far I run
I always end up back here

I thought these were tricks of the mind
but then I fell asleep and realized
it's just my life and I know nothing at all
I never can go to sleep, nor can I come to

I have sad memories, you called them cute,
It was when you were gone away
I was so lonely, I slept in your bed
I dreamed of you and the midnight sea

When you came over the other night
I dare say you were hardly recognized
all that's left is your outer shell
On the inside is mostly someone else

Today I want it to be the day
Where I close up and run away
off into my dreams,
not to be found again

I'll leave my body here for you
and you can see me when you like
but you'll see just how strange it is
to meet with someone's outer shell

Maybe when I run away, I'll find my way to you
I'll see where you've been hiding away
and when we meet in purple clouds,
We'll live without the shells that can't run away

So meet me in the third realm
Let me tell you, it's perfect there!
I went there after you broke my heart
-I was glad to have a day, just to run away...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009