Friday, August 21, 2009

Life Lost, Regained

My heart was once so filled
full to bursting, and fulfilled
while all my life was pure
brimming with love and joy
intoxicated by beauty
fluttering with such ease

But when the storm came
The thunder cracked the sky
and the lightning split my eye
My life was blinded
to what I once was alive.
I lost the flame to my life

My veins lost their very pulse
My imagination was repulsed
Beauty was driven from my life
Love withdrew from my sight
The very throb of music so sincere
was lost to my once-attentive ears

Tormented weeks without end
I pressed in with no way to mend
My heart would swell and rupture
No more beauty could I capture
How I longed for love to flow anew
But my cup of life could hold nothing new

My heart lacked its very essence
With no capability for life anymore
I tried to tear my spirit from my soul
but the attempted fancies took such toll
With or without the soul, I was nothing
My existence was bereft of life and breath

My bleeding feet found solid ground
but my neglected spirit wept in pain
I fell on my face, burdened and alone
But I was lifted up by a Man who came
He told me who I was and who I'd be
He's making me love, sparking life's flame

Though my heart lost the essence of life
and nothing I knew would be as it was
This Man taught me to see in new degree
With His hands, reached into my soul
He tore from me what crippled me
He made me to love: all I'll have, all I've lost.

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009