Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bitter cold

I feel a rage of winter

It has struck me

Though I am in midst of summer

My skin roasting under the sun


I’ve felt a storm of hail

It strikes wicked,

And breaks my heart

All while suns ray please my skin


Such rage! Such anguish!

Why do I feel cold wrath

When life outward is so sunny?

Why are others so cold, though I am warm?


My warm demeanor

Is not hot enough

To melt their icy stares

Or to thaw out their frozen hearts


My warm smiles cannot

Take away the ice shards,

The frozen shrapnel of words

With which they pierce my heart


I feel my heart shudder

And my body shakes

A diamond has melted,

My eye sheds a precious jewel


Their cold strikes me

And my warmth turns to crystal

In a shower of glass

Shards spill from my eyes


I gather the spilled stones

The precious diamonds they were

And find they are worthless

I have broken over naught


A wind blows the sand-dust diamonds

From my grasp

And I am left alone,

With nothing at last


So long did I struggle!
Oh how did I fight

Why did I lavish precious time?

I was not worth a crystalline moment


So I begin anew

And warm my smile

With suns gracious gaze

Replacing cold with heat


As I gaze into blue sky

I know my warmth

will be restored

I’ll find new diamonds inside

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009