Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ever-inspired by gypsies

For those of you who have followed my other blog, and with as much prose and other thoughts as I have written lately, the next comment may not make sense: Today is the first time in a long time I've been inspired to write.

It's been awhile that I've been a writer who hasn't done any writing.

Over the past several weeks, I finally started gained back the passion that I've obviously needed. I was finally able to discipline myself to sit down and write, and then things began to flow freely, and I found my fingers guiding themselves across keys; I've found, pen in hand, that the ink has begun to glide smoothly across the page again and come up with some beauty - even if only in ink blots at a time.

Today, while at work, I decided I needed to listen to something that would inspire me - and I searched out the same thing that always has. Gypsy (or gypsy-inspired) music. I rediscovered DeVotchka and Beirut - indie bands with a gypsy flavor. Thank you Pandora! I love pandora radio - constantly expanding my limited realization of what is out there. ahh, my story-hand is finding peace again. I have to laugh - my arm has been hurting so bad, so I've not wanted to write. But now that I'm writing, my arm has ceased to hurt whatsoever. Sweet irony.

I found Beiruts Postcards From Italy to be particularly enchanting.

Ah, I find myself rambling. The reason I say all this, is because I had begun a screenplay a few months ago -- a non-linear piece -- and I ended up feeling like a leg-less chicken. I was stumped. (Yes, bad joke. I love those sometimes ;) Needless to say, it hasn't gone anywhere for a long time. Except in hiding at the back of my desk. For some reason I remembered it today, and felt compelled to grab it on my way out to work this morning. I turned on said music - and I wrote! All day! Little bits at a time, but I'm writing again! I was so close to despairing on myself - thinking what a failed writer I must be if I cannot even come up with a simple story. But now! Now I have one a bit more complex, a beautiful, twisted love story :) Cross your fingers as I work on it this summer!