Monday, June 15, 2009

A Memory of a Man...

The walls are stained
the door is cracked and broken
it swings, creaks on its hinges

I thought I had forgot this place
But it seems abandoned,
that I never knew it at all

From the walls
comes a stench i know
but one I can barely recognize

I smell a sweet stench
one that was once sweet with love,
now is foul - the smell of inadequacy

A breeze passes through the house
and the dust flies round my face
Dust's lonely abandon touches my face

Rust bleeds from the hinges,
like tears, crying down the frame
Deep red stains defile the once majestic door

The floor is cracked,
the beautiful wood, stained and broken
the very foundation seems to fall apart

The once glorious chandelier
has torn through the ceiling
and has broken to shards on the floor

I hear a whisper
I feel a touch
I remember, and I know.....

I know his hands,
I miss his eyes
I know this man who isn't there...

I close my eyes as I remember...
I remember his touch and I see
his blue-flamed eyes clear out of memory's haze

I open my eyes, to find
I'm standing in the house
The majestic mansion as it once was

The man who had disappeared
is there once again
His eyes, bright with love

He shows me the door,
how grand the deep wood is
and how rich the details are

He takes me by one hand
and wraps his other round my waist
as he guides me up the spiral staircase

At the top of winding beauty
He shows me the delicate,
and most intricate crystal chandelier

He leads me through the dining hall
and to the living room
where a plush, regal couch seems so inviting

He shows me the gloriously carved ceiling
and the sleek wood floors
and glass blown decor

He presses my waist with his hand
and leads me to the bedroom
and I remember our room

As I look on the bed
I remember all my past
All he was, all the life he had

I remember how I knew him
My eyes well up, and he disappears
as I look through him

I look up,
back in the living room
and see a dying tree, its withered leaves

The man has disappeared
I am left alone
and my heart fills with despair

But a whisper comes in my ear
as I see all that was broken through the house
and he whispers a secret, a hope,

'I'm returning to you,
My foundation is in repair
and when I come, so much more will I be'

I turn to leave the house,
and as I walk down the garden path
A single snap-dragon blossoms

It winks at me
and whispers
'Don't yet give up hope'....

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009