Monday, June 29, 2009


If I could ask one thing,
I would borrow the ocean,
for even the deepest sea 
could not hold 
all the tears I shed

If I could have one thing,
I would ask to keep the sky.
There I would spread the stars,
pieces of my soul, to tell the world my tales
for the earth could not hold the stories I have to tell

If I could keep the earth, the soil,
I would plant all my cares
for all the dirt in the world
would  better hold my sorrows
than my soul, and this small body I keep

If I could keep the sun,
I would hide my love in it
for I am sure 
my love burns evermore fiercely
than the sun ever could

If my life could be a song
My soul would sing
and my spirit would sound
with more passion
than any instrument ever could

If my eyes were like the moon
they would be more shy
and still more sly
than the pale moons gaze 
across the earth has yet been

But my life is just a whisper
my spirit is as the breeze,
I burn with passion like fire
I weep like the clouds,
My life will come and go

I am like the stars,
my life will burn as bright
and sometimes sparkle as dim.
Though little among many,
I burn with all my might

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009