Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Loved and lost

They say tis better
to have loved 
and to have lost
than never to have loved at all

Yet here am I
To my depths, weary
My face long not dry
My mind tossed by storms

Paint covers me
salty tears
and acrylic paints
blend on canvas

My hands blur
through colors
My face color-smeared
My canvas, painted with tears

How could I agree?
How can I say
Indeed, I am better since I have loved
When my heart cries otherwise?

My heart almost wishes
not to have known 
such a man as he
and knowing I have him not

My mind wishes
I had only dreamed of he
and waited for perfect entrance
rather than to have lost him

He is not an ideal
Never was he perfect
But he fit my spirit
and longed to know my heart

Not romanticized
not without fault
but he loved my all
His heart, a prince's after a princess

He endured storms
He weathered trials
and fought for me
rescued me from the dragons

No, not romanticized in my mind,
I tell you! But a valiant heart
and a noble spirit
My handsome prince

Yea, I am glad he rescued me
that he was there
that he loved me all
and he kept me safe

But alas, to have loved
and to have lost such a one
I am fraught with lamentation
I am weighed with an ocean of tears...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009