Monday, August 31, 2009

Leave Me

Leave me, leave me
leave me alone
Leave me as I am
I wish you had left me
-as I was

But you left me
-left me, but not alone
You left
and became
someone else

Please be patient
patient with my heart
I don't want to know you
not so well
not when you're like hell

Leave me, leave me
leave me as I am
don't come back to see me
not until you bend
not until you've broken

Break, my dear, please break,
out of the old skin, into the new
I want to know, to know the new you
You heart is a mess, so leave me,
please, leave me alone.

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

You are my Joy

Burn, and fire
the sting
intoxicating pleasure

What joy is this?
that natural emotions
cannot parallel?

This sweet fragrance
fills my lungs
is exhaled from my skin

How sweet You are
How lovely is Your presence
What joy You are in me!

My heart is ready to burst
My life, intoxicated by You
My soul, transformed

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Nobody's Listening

There are times
when it's most important
for me to know
-no one's listening

And other times
it hurts me
to know
No one's listening at all

Often I find
wish to cry aloud
pour out my heart
and have no one hear

But most of the time
I find it's most important
that other's listen
when I say nothing at all

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

To Love Once More

I know this may sound silly
and I wonder if it is a lie
-with you my heart skips a beat
and I haven't wondered why

I wonder if I could fall in love
if I could love someone again
I wonder if I'll fall in love with you
Sometimes I wonder, when?

I fell in love once, I know
it hurt so much to fall out
in the end, there was so much pain
and in my heart, so much doubt

I wonder if I'll truly love again
maybe I'll be stronger than before
I wonder if I could love you true,
I wonder if I can love once more...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Live Again

I want to live again
Breathe Your life
fully into me
so I can be

I want to love
Pour Your Love
Your Self,
into my heart
make it beat

I want to breathe again
breathe into my lungs
make them full
let me in- and exhale You

I want to laugh again
Remind me of Your joy
bring laughter
to my lips

I want to dance
without an ounce of sadness
so replace it with freedom
so I can dance freely for You

I want my mind to be clear
immerse me with your peace
give me lightness again

I want to live without pain
without burden;
lift it off, cast it aside
take my hand, and guide me


© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have a proclivity towards loneliness.

There's a little cave I call my own,

I crawl inside and lose myself there.

I'm trying very hard not to hide away...

but the loneliness is coming...

I can feel it...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Standing still
my life is racing
My body, unmoving,
My mind miles ahead
Slow me down
I'm ahead of myself
and can't catch up
I'm speeding ahead
and can't keep up
Slow down the pace
I missed the rose
as I raced by
and never got to smell
the sweet scent
that i forgot it kept
within its petals,
in colors I've forgot
My life is racing
and my love is speeding
I think I've forgotten
how to love
It's just a quick burst
a dew droplet in my eye
a spit of love
a taste of what I want
but a bite will never
fill me,
never satisfy
the longing my heart
has hidden in its folds
beneath my wings
where I hide my secrets
my scars
That's where they disappear
That's where they hide
Beneath the beauty
folded down
so comfortable
That's where I wish i were
cozy on a couch,
or in his arms
Whose arms, I don't know
but in my mind i remember
I had a wish for a man
who would treat me just so
and love me
never leave
and never see another
but only see me
and no other
now I wonder if I've lost
is I can do, as I dream
but I'm speeding
my dreams are too slow
so I wake up
just to escape
I want to live
but I move too fast to
remember how....

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009


All in one night
can life so change
All in one eve
emotions exchange

For weeks on end
dragged around
even by dearest friends,
with thorns, crowned

One night with a stranger,
at dinner with him,
when told of love,
my hurts grow dim

Now my heart
has learned to love
and once again my art
only of life, it speaks of

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009


Endless weeks.
One night.
Life so bleak.

Endless hate.
One Love.

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Sweet Freedom

All the brokenness
that followed me
trailed me around

All the weariness
a spell broken
in one night

The spell is gone
The curse is
finally, lifted

How long
did I wait
for love to wake

How long did I mourn
while my heart,
life, were scorned

Freedom is sweet
oh, sweet love,
ah, sweet relief

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Love's Fight

Life is not a fight,
nor a moment
to be conquered

Life is a purpose
It is a dream
to be fulfilled

Life should not
just be a fight
to be won

It should be a fight
that is fought with
a heart full of love

Life is not a trial
something to just
'get through'

Life is a fight
that should be
mastered with love

Life is not that fight
When the fight ends
life should not be done

But life is made of the essence
created by this revolution
- of hearts brimming with love

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Life Lost, Regained

My heart was once so filled
full to bursting, and fulfilled
while all my life was pure
brimming with love and joy
intoxicated by beauty
fluttering with such ease

But when the storm came
The thunder cracked the sky
and the lightning split my eye
My life was blinded
to what I once was alive.
I lost the flame to my life

My veins lost their very pulse
My imagination was repulsed
Beauty was driven from my life
Love withdrew from my sight
The very throb of music so sincere
was lost to my once-attentive ears

Tormented weeks without end
I pressed in with no way to mend
My heart would swell and rupture
No more beauty could I capture
How I longed for love to flow anew
But my cup of life could hold nothing new

My heart lacked its very essence
With no capability for life anymore
I tried to tear my spirit from my soul
but the attempted fancies took such toll
With or without the soul, I was nothing
My existence was bereft of life and breath

My bleeding feet found solid ground
but my neglected spirit wept in pain
I fell on my face, burdened and alone
But I was lifted up by a Man who came
He told me who I was and who I'd be
He's making me love, sparking life's flame

Though my heart lost the essence of life
and nothing I knew would be as it was
This Man taught me to see in new degree
With His hands, reached into my soul
He tore from me what crippled me
He made me to love: all I'll have, all I've lost.

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day To Run Away

We wanted to run
to run so far away
but the doorway caught us
before we could ever leave

There's something not quite normal
behind the closed doors of our hearts
its a throbbing thats unnatural
and means that its been scarred

There was a time we ran away
but no matter how far we ran
we found that we had never left
We were still hand in hand

But when I woke up this morning
I found I was so alone
my bed was far too small,
and my feet hung off the end

I got up to the bathroom
and when I looked into the mirror
I stared right through it,
and never even glimpsed myself

After I left the mirror,
where you were staring back at me,
I tried to pour a glass of milk
but found only memories

Sometimes I feel a squeeze
a tender touch upon my hand
and I have to shake my head
to convince myself I'm not going mad

Today was supposed to be a day
where you and I both ran away
but when I finally woke up, I found
that you've been gone so very long

I'm waiting on an act of God
because we're both not quite normal
but if I wait on anything
I know my heart will crack

I opened up the freezer
and found it wasn't cold
I thought it was a heater
until I found a frozen drink

When I saw that alcohol
I nearly burst in tears
I recall the night you took me out
and brought to life my fears

Today was meant to be the day
Where I decide to run away
But no matter how far I run
I always end up back here

I thought these were tricks of the mind
but then I fell asleep and realized
it's just my life and I know nothing at all
I never can go to sleep, nor can I come to

I have sad memories, you called them cute,
It was when you were gone away
I was so lonely, I slept in your bed
I dreamed of you and the midnight sea

When you came over the other night
I dare say you were hardly recognized
all that's left is your outer shell
On the inside is mostly someone else

Today I want it to be the day
Where I close up and run away
off into my dreams,
not to be found again

I'll leave my body here for you
and you can see me when you like
but you'll see just how strange it is
to meet with someone's outer shell

Maybe when I run away, I'll find my way to you
I'll see where you've been hiding away
and when we meet in purple clouds,
We'll live without the shells that can't run away

So meet me in the third realm
Let me tell you, it's perfect there!
I went there after you broke my heart
-I was glad to have a day, just to run away...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

When Faith Dwindles Fatal

With measures of love
and measures of loss,
there promises be spake,
and love be professed.
So may come calamity of betrayal

How broken the heart cries,
how easy the tears flood!
When chaos ruins,
and promises be rescinded,
-there shatters the hope.

All can be aright
for all there can be hope,
and in faith, there be strength
But with lies and fabrication
There the heart loses strength

So much strength there was
in mandate obediently kept
But in the midst of betrayal,
when wounds are further inflicted,
one loses any want to love at all

Sincerity dares not counter promise
and still dare not risk undoing
But when faith dwindles fatal,
one's undoing seems inevitable
were one to find one held on to fable.

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

apology to God

We were foolish
we didn't listen
We thought
we were right
but our ears
could not hear
and our souls closed

Absorbed in what was
and forgetting
what needed to be
We heard You
but we forgot
why we should listen

We did as we were told
but did not follow through
What fools!
Why did we not listen?
Only You knew
what was, what is
Only You knew
what disaster
was readying,
about to strike

Oh! Disaster came!
it set our lives on fire
and brought ruin
Destruction tore through
Our hearts were crushed
The storm came
but we were not ready
It ripped through us
and we lost each other

Why did I not listen?
Why did I think
I could do it alone?
My heart was weary
and I could not go
I could not be
not without You
and yet, so I continued.
so we toiled on.

Broken beats resonated
A weak chirping
rather than a brilliant song
only sung for You.
I hold on
for You brought me out.
Do I wait?
Or do I go on?
Make You my heart wait?
Why? Let me be alone!
Leave me with only You.

I am not meant to
merely survive.
I am not meant to
just thrive.
I am meant to prosper
absolutely in You.
You lead me on.
Lead me into your gardens
away from storms
shielded from disaster

Take me, for I come into
Your gardens
Where You lay me to rest
and put my soul at ease
in Your embrace.
You give me warm sun
and gentle rains.
It is You and You alone.
How could I ever be
if not for You
if not with You.

Be my all.
Teach me to live
Teach me to thrive
not apart from You
Show me as You have
Remind me
I could not have survived
not without Your guard.
Show me that my life
is only for You.

If ever again
I breathe with another,
teach us both
to breathe Your life
Let our hearts
not love another
before we love You.
Let me love You,
for without Your love
I cannot love even myself.

The Trickery of Time

As time gets closer
my heart grows shy
I want to be fearful
It want to hide

Seven fortnights
I've waited, and a few days
yet as time comes closer
how heavy my heart weighs

My mind plays tricks
I find I am fraught
with strange burden
pelted with nervous thoughts

What if all this time
I've waited for naught?
What if the passing of time
made my love forgot?

How I ache, and wish
nothing much more
than to fall in the sea
and forget I was once adored

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Dawn

I hear a wailing
I hear a heart breaking
Something in the atmosphere
is changing
and I can hear souls shaking
Someone in Him is changing
and their heart
is learning to beat

I hear a wind howling
and the trees begin to shake
The leaves begin to tremble
and my soul begins to quake
I can sense a new beginning
I can feel some new degree
I see something breaking
falling, I see the debris

I hear the air crying
and the skies begin to shift
an old life is dying
a new life dawn's swift
I want to cry out
I can barely resist
I take my hoop and dance
Come, restoration, come!

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2009