Monday, February 28, 2011

The Shadow Ballet

In sleeping dust do playful shadows stir,
within the static they flicker; fierce, patient.
The breath of a step is as a voice that beckons,
the recognition of the anxious, delicate dance

Settled in the dust, shadow dreams of play linger
An ethereal ballet waiting to take stage, waiting,
waiting everlong for the shyest glimmer of light
The pitch darkness is as melancholy to shadow,
a despondency long overdue to be snuffed out

A rush of air, and a flood of empyrean light
sends the shadows to a frenzy, a lively dance
far separated from the lachrymose existence
no longer a laconic reply, but a rush of endless thougts

Oh the shadows that play in the corners of my mind
The thoughts that threaten to pull delicate threads
Would ignoble thoughts make their way through
to bring ache to a heart both vulnerable and unaware?

Leave the static pain as it were, disturb it not
That they would die into shadows that dare not dance
Let only euphoria be beckoned awake to its rare ballet
far from melancholy we were not meant to know

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Control vs. The Fates

Along this road,
my path was adjusted somewhere.
These are so many months of nothing,
months spent going in the wrong direction...
Where did I go wrong? Is it wrong?
Somewhere along the way, the road split.
I never noticed. And there I met you

You were never supposed to stay
you were never meant to come back
but somehow our paths crossed again
I found you at my doorstep once more
--two and three times more than expected!
Our paths are not aligned, only crossed
oh but crossed as star-crossed lovers!

Leave me please, no don't try to stay
So far it's thrice caused my heart pain
What can I say of your charm?
What can I ay against your loving kiss?
Though you are none of what my life requires
My heart finds you irresistible, ever kissable
but elusive, impossible to catch hold of
-and so difficult to love.

Your love breaks me. Makes me what?
Does it make me stronger? better? lovelier?
I think not. I feel as unlovely as ever.
It was not my path that was adjusted
It was yours. You altered your path
You made sure to land at my doorstep
oh yes, just once more. and then again.

You could not stay away - but cannot stay
Though you could manipulate your path
it was only temporarily. Another collision.
For a moment it lasted, but the moment? gone.
And with that moment, you are as gone too.
I know you'll come back soon, try to change things.
Adjust that path, try to cross the fates once more
But I'll be gone.

Why would you fight for control? Not love.
Oh so you said - it was not love, but control.
My heart broke at once - shattered thrice more.
How could I give you my heart this time?
How could I offer to let you in, without love,
and only with want for control. I never had you.
I never had your love - only your attention

I ensnared your thoughts in fantasy with words I wrote
and I? equally enraptured by you. until you broke the illusion
You broke the beauty and I looked through the mirror
and saw the danger that was in store. How it scared me!
It terrified me, more than I knew before! Would that be me?
Would that life be mine if I fought the fates for your love?
Not love at all, and not my life. All I dreamed of would be gone!

Go from me, dear heart. and speak not of your love or control.
Leave, back to your path. Make your own path, and I, mine.
Manipulate your path all you like, but dare not touch mine.
I will fight the fates on my own terms - with love and spirit
and not by the chances brought me by your lust for control...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011