Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fear of the Lonely

There is a fear I see, a fear I know
it marks thy heart as blood in snow

In that moment, yea, ye tarried too long
an' now realize too late what you had wrong
What is this fear of loneliness you bear?
I recognize the self-same fear for it is...
all too irrational, not uncommon...
Yea, it is innately, irrevocably human.

A fear that threatens alone, to grow old
and with time, thy heart'll grow cold

It seems once two hearts together fail
all hearts become farther from ones own
Only the souls not fully severed seem alive
thy heart reverts -nay, resorts! - to faded love
Loves not well-suited to ones wounded heart
to the touch that would never, in truth, satisfy

In fear, all hope of true unrelenting love is distant
Marry, at times one deems such love as nonexistent!

Nay, destiny'd not be fraught with such loveless fate
Let thy heart quiver for a time, teach it to beat
For it be in those times of supposed loneliness
that the heart learns to beat strong, and love greatly
Tis in those times thou'lt realize tis not desolation
but an etude for thy heart for the love to come thy way

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Clamor and Din

Swells oh swells
of hearts and bells
tinkering and beating
lovely, oh sweet thing
barren, or fair
oh what is thy care
this tumbling tumult
oh sweet thing
barreling charging
driving, crying
breaking, shattering
what is this new thing?
words come spilling
minds reeling to keep up
oh smoldering lies
turbulent truths
smashed in tarrying
bumbling and burying
your head in your hands
as decisions were wrong
and right
and back and forwards

Oh I would I were a fool
I weren't, I was, I won't
but it is done and begun
here we are and gone again
hello goodbye and back again
I wish you would have said
goodbye, hello i love you or no
i don't know, just alone
here we go, round and round
oh hello merry go round
what's right or wrong?
maybe its all tick tock
and wrong o'clock
ticking backwards
can't, no -won't tell time
no reason, rhyme
spilling water,
drinking tears,
all for fears, what fears?
it seems there was nothing
none to be done
it was just as it should be
but shouldn't have been
oh lovely love loud din
broken hearts resound within
old happy souls clamoring
It's all of these, righter
wronger, better, stronger
you and mine, I'm not yours
here we go again
but not this time,
it's time and time and wait
and heal from heartbreak

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2010


Has my heart not reason to lament
to cry over what has been broken
lost, torn from me so suddenly
to wonder what has gone awry
to feel conflicted by the fury
the fire bequeathed to heartstrings
that have been threshed from love
the fury oft called a woman's own
and claimed by no more than She?

aye, cries my heart, aye it does
many a reason have I to lament
but my heart is not broken, and
I find my spirit is not embittered
for it is you I loved, but I knew
it was not this moment in which
we, were meant to be just 'we'
we are meant to be you. and I.
singlely and lonelily, not alone.

You are the fury for which I rage
for which my heart became alive
As lively as the fire of binary suns-
of a thousand binary sunsets, alight.
yet you are not yet the 'you' i know
I have met you far beyond who
you have yet to become just now.
I have met you beyond the present
my heart thrills at who i know will be.

You you you and you alone! You!
The surprise with which i was met
oh the shockwaves from your heart
the awe I felt, you lionize me indeed
What a beautiful feeling it was to see
You became alive to the moment
and saw who I truly was, but too late
As I shimmered before you, you broke
You knew twas alright, but not right now.

Oh we are children. We will wake up
and when we wake, we shall grow up
and when we grow up we will know just
just what it was. time, time, time. it was.
time was not right, not on our side.
But I know your heart, and cannot let go
broken though it was, I love you more
more than just once before. no ideals, no,
this time as you broke and realized truth
I saw what was true, peered into your soul
and saw a glimmer of hope as i saw You.
You for you. for who you are. You you you.
Oh the shockwaves that came from your heart

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2010


O love
it's too late
the fatal utterance
the words were spake
words invested in the air
a feeling doomed all at once
twas too late once you opened up
once the lips parted, it had gone too far
with the severance lingering about our ears
our ears cut by the barbed wire, our lips bleeding
with words that you can't unspeak, fetch back.
settle down, darling, realize that it is done.
time will tell, if it is what you spelled
if we were doomed from the start.
or were these words too rash?
deceitful feeling ensnared
broke your heart and
stole all from you
fatal utterances
left us apart

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2010