Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cruel fancies

How cruel you are
and how casual it is
Not a thing you recognize
Nothing you realize
You draw me in
You fling me back
Reel me in
Push me away
Beckon me close
Only to throw me
to the ground
A broken yo-yo
I'll be for you no more
How cruel you could be
Your fits and flights of fancy
terrorizing girls hearts
fighting for your affection
never realizing what harm you render
for your cruelty is too subtle
so invisible. so obvious.

You are heartless in your affection
your double-minded affectation
I will be yours no more
No, nevermore
I won't be here
Not when you come 'round
This time I'll sit back
Watch you squirm
Of course life is good for you!
As long as you got your way.
I'll let my heart hurt no more
The yo-yo string has snapped
and I'm rolling off
I've found a new joy!
Bouncing and running
Flying and spinning
Dancing and spiraling
I never knew what tricks I could do
If only without you
If only I was cut loose

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011

Creative Fury!

From humble beginnings they came
filled with fury, drive and passion
Love unparalleled, passion unmatched
Talent? Unbridled.
They could not be trapped
Could not, would not be tamed.
A heart that teems with creativity
comes with a mad mind,
screaming to be heard,
writing like mad to be heard,
painting, creating to be known.

What icon could be stopped?
What master would be restrained?
None, for they would not have been.
A fury for life, love and creativity
They would not be told no
they would not be controlled by those
who claimed to have a heart in love
Who would stay their wild hearts
for someone who wants to cage them
to tame them with so-called 'love'?
A heart so wild could never feel loved
A spirit like that would lash out in force

Wild abandon is what keeps us.
What would Coco be if tamed?
How could Dali have hidden the bizarre?
And how could I be kept down
when I feel only fury burning inside me
with every moment I am told 'no'
with every moment I am judged for my need
to create. to spin wild tales. to run free.
How could I stay calm when objection says
You base your worth on futile things.
Not my worth, dear fool.
Were your every pore seeping with this energy
you would understand,
You would step aside

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011


In a rush it finally arrived
A winter of your love
A december of you
Such a fresh breath
to breathe in that crisp air
a sting in my lungs
a frost in my mind
You became frozen
a piece of me thats gone
The you that goes forgotten

I find love in this winter,
the beauty this snow has brought
How I love it so!
I left you behind,
frozen in the recesses of my mind
not soon to be thawed out
by the light of May
or the warmth of June
You're the frozen ground
I tread under my feet
You will not shake me.

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011