Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guardian of [my] Dreams

Spectres haunt shadow hearts
Sugar coated dreams grow wilder
Every moment I have with you
the realm of dreams grows wider
A collision of waking and sleeping

Make it easy for me darling
let me wake up from you, from
the waking dream you've come to be
My heart has grown to bursting,
not with love, but stories, dreams

The stories that come streaming
The tales my waking dreams weave
all for you they come, and faster still
I love you not, but the stories will
I fear love, for that dreams do kill

Make a sugar-coated dream of me
and let me go, free me, let me be
In dreams I'll remember, I'll stay as me
I'll remember you so sweetly in mine too
Ideas that thoughts of you weave, stay sweet

Frightened by last nights nightmare terror
I find my heart afraid, to both gain and lose you
I won't lose my stories and what my life promises!
But I daren't let you go so soon, for you became
the muse to my ear, the guardian of my dreams

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011


What you are to me
    is not real, is not true
       just a story my heart
when it lies to me

I wish you knew me
  as I wish I knew you
      But my heart has these
empty pleas

Your voice, heartbeat
   make me fall in love
      but who you will be
         is not
the man I need

I wish sometimes
   with all my empty love
      and my bleeding heart
         that you
were the one for me

Oh your songs to me
   and your voice in my dreams
       are so sweet.
The way you hold me tight
     and kiss me in my sleep

The way you wish you could keep me
     hidden, safe,
         tucked in your pocket like a perfect pet
The way you dream of me,
     when you're asleep
         when you're awake

I wish it were all real.

But I'm not real for you.
   my future, your terrifying dream.
You're not real for me.
   you're my waking dream

What you are to me
    is not real, is not true
       just a story my heart 
when it lies to me

I wish I knew what 
    I wanted you to be
        I wish I could find
           a way 
to say goodbye, or hello

Your voice sang to me
   all I ever need
      your breath is all 
         I ever 
want to feel.

I wish it was you
   but we weren't meant
      for each other.
         I can't love
myself. So how could I love you?

You've never known love
     Terrified of the very thing
        that our hearts are tending towards
          With no way
to stop this train, we're waiting to get derailed...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011