Saturday, June 18, 2011

Night's Knight

A small fracture cracks and ripples slowly
tearing pinches at a time through a fragile vessel
The blood pumps in techno bursts, throbb. throbb.

I've hidden my face for the night, buried in the sounds
covered in paints, hidden in the cloak of nights sorrow
The howls in the air mask the silent groans of the heart

I hear only your music drifting from miles to my ear
So much do I long to know answers unknown that
my mind begins to imagine them as in drunken stupor

Though just hours before my mind was weaving diligently
Weaving my thoughts and the threads of the heart back
back together as one, back together to make it whole

The sounds of mischievous stars winking from the sky
unravelled my mind and set it spinning, the spindle broken
In twists and jerks my body moves. mechanical. untrained.

My eyes try to learn to see, but the blur of tears restrains them
my heart has been so shy, yet you, shy as well, coaxed it forth
only to become frightened, overwhelmed by nights light, to run...

Hide not your face, for mine is already hidden away with sorrow!
Don't run from me -- I've already run. We run from the very same
Can we keep running from the same thing? and keep seeking the same?

A shudder tears through my spine, sending me back to your arms
I'm caught up by your grace and am overcome with your sanctuary
How is it you are so protective of me when my very fears frighten you?

A sense of chivalry breaks tragedy, the shell cracks and breaks away
Your fears nulled by an overwhelming love, a desire to tend to ladylove
Oh knight, break your fears of night, and ride with me to dawns light...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cages of Constraint

The haze that clouds your eyes gives you away
Though your thoughts hide behind fogged lens
I fear I see the terror separate us once more
My fears activate yours; yours send you running
I meant not to frighten you. I know your fears.

I could never stand to have you if you felt you 'must' love
Let not my heart constrain you, trap you in a cage.
No, what love would imprison another?
Your very terror of constraint restrains your love
Yet when your love is near, it runs free as it should!

You poured your terror before me, spilled freely as blood
Then the wounds of We, Must, and obligation were cleansed
After fortnights of imprisoning yourself, you were free
The walls crumbled, and the moment that was meant to end
proved not to be an end, but a beginning, doubly refreshed

But with that awakening came a new confusion. What now?
Was that not an end? Was it naught? Why begins it anew?
Fie on constraints! A limitation of the mind on the heart
A lock to terrorize, frighten away something untainted, pure
My heart never meant to cause you fear, to become a cage...

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beyond Our Fingertips

I wonder if what I long for
if what I ask is unreasonable
Is a longing so deep, really a fault?
Something that not only lingers
but carries on so strong, can it be
a lie? or truth. Should I carry
so deep a desire, undying
a flame that burns hotter
a fire that consumes me
Is it something to be quenched?
Put out? or encouraged on.

The answers I wish I knew
They seem to be within reach
just beyond my fingertips
yet I'm too impatient
I want, I need, I must know!
We've always longed this way
and now it grows untamed
unstoppable in our hearts
If only those around us shared
that same burning desire
all would be well
but the complacency
makes our unfettered imaginations
- our dreams larger than life itself! -
seem petty, and material.

What have I done?

What has become of our dreams?
Where we are is nowhere,
our dreams grow stronger, 
our longing harsh, stinging like nettles
My breath freezes hot in my mouth
My tears dry in my throat
My dreams are faded, but stronger
No restraint holds us back from 
longing. wishing. hoping for
all that we want
But it is just beyond our fingertips
just out of our grasp,
and the complacency of the world
tries to drown us out, to wash us 
clean of all we want.
Is is really so unreasonable....?

© copyright by Michèle Aimée Lahaie, 2011